Sadly, over 67% of our 4th graders are NOT proficient in reading; and it is not getting any better!


Our PK-1st grade teachers desperately need funding for proven resources that will engage their students in these critical years. This will help them win early literacy by the end of 3rd grade. Over 400 teachers have come to us seeking help to get these crucial resources.


Win Early Literacy was founded to assist as many early educators as possible. To do this, we partner with generous donors who have a passion for education. Together, we are able to deliver much needed solutions that help our kids learn to read, especially those living in disadvantaged communities.


Win Early Literacy has established unique relationships with providers of evidence-based literacy resources. We are able to procure and deliver these resources with help from generous donors like you!


Win Early Literacy’s financial grants not only provide proven and much-needed literacy resources, they also include training and coaching for teachers, as well as assessments for tracking results within 60 days of implementation.


With your help, teachers can increase the engagement and results of their early learners while providing them with the confidence and solid foundation needed for reading proficiency. This is a keystone for success in life.